About us.

The MATHematics EDucation Network NL serves as a hub where researchers, teachers, students, and enthusiasts come together with the common goal of advancing (undergraduate) mathematics education in the Netherlands.

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The Mathematics Education Network

Our mission is to promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing, leading to improved teaching practices, stimulating innovative research, and empowering students. By curating valuable resources, facilitating research partnerships, organizing workshops, and fostering a supportive community, our aim is to establish a standard of excellence that encourages a profound comprehension and practical application of mathematics education.

About the Founder.

Fulya Kula is a mathematics teacher at the University of Twente, driven by a profound passion for research in mathematics education. With a background in both mathematics and 'mathematics education,' she brings a unique perspective that harmonizes the rigor of applied mathematics with insights from social sciences. Fulya envisions unveiling the inherent beauty of mathematics, going beyond the perception of it being a mere collection of formulas. Instead, her aspiration is to present mathematics as a structured system of order and relation, inspiring her students to perceive its elegance beyond equations. With unwavering dedication and expertise, Fulya aims to nurture a genuine love for mathematics among her students and cultivate a generation that deeply appreciates its significance in the world. Through MathEdN, she envisages joining forces with mathematics education enthusiasts and leveraging evidence-based studies to serve and enhance teaching environments.

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